At Country Childcare our classrooms are arranged by your child's developmental level.  In general, children are assigned to classrooms by their age on September 31st.  However, because development is a continuum, sometimes children are assigned to classrooms based on the skills they have mastered.  Country Childcare believes that each child should be assessed individually to determine which class suits their needs. 
The Wildflower Meadow Classroom guides three year olds into the school setting where working cooperatively and developing socially are our primary goals.  Here we also continue our preschool academic curriculum.
Our Rainbow Ridge Classroom completes the preschool education of our four year olds.  The Rainbows end the year fully prepared for kindergarten both academically and socially.
All classrooms provide a daily assortment of activities including music, art, science, computers, dramatic play, sensory, mathmatics, and language.